Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moldova Orphanage

Cupcini (coop-cheenie) Orphanage, 4 hours from Chisinau (Kishinow)- Almost to Ukraine
Iulia in red scarf and pink hat in the middle.

This is the orphanage, looks like a barracks. No grass, or trees, and no heat inside. Children wear their coats and hats inside, even to bed to keep warm. They are totally dependent upon donations from missionaries. Little Samaritan Mission in Chisinau is a big part of the help they receive.

This was the year Little Samaritan Mission asked for winter coats and accessories for the children that are so badly needed. They were so excited to get a new coat, and to hear about God's love for them!

Here is Iulia in her new coat. It was such a blessing to be able to give it to her myself...I had gotten her picture as the child assigned to me. It was so hard to leave her in that awful place. I still pray the Lord will provide a good family for her and all the children.

Christmas dinner being served! The children very rarely get any meat to eat, or fresh fruit. They were given chicken, potatoes, vegetable soup, chocolate and ....the most miraculous of ORANGE. Can you imagine a child in the U.S. thanking God for an orange?

Let's get a group picture. A hard-working house mother is in the middle wearing the typical fur hat for warmth.

Pretty impressive should have seen their smiling faces when they realized this was all for them!

Children waiting to receive their new coats from their friends in the U.S. and through the help of Little Samaritan Mission. Ask anyone in Moldova if they know Florin, the founder, and they all know him. Pictured in striped sweater is Pastor Charles from North Carolina.