Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bailey Teaser



By Nina Meier

A brown bat named Bailey without sonar, who has a seeing-eye dog named Radar, impossible you say? In that case you’ll have to join new author Nina Meier on this journey in Bailey’s Cave Adventures. Your church’s Vacation Bible School will never be the same. With a cliff hanger at the end of each day’s chapter this curriculum promises to leave the children excited to come explore again and again.

As Bailey and Radar travel from the entrance zone of the cave, further into the twilight zone, and finally into the darkest depths of the deep zone they encounter many characters along the way from whom the children will learn life lessons.

Millie the millipede is always on the go, but never prays first to ask God if she is going in the right direction and because of this has missed many great opportunities.

Greta glow worm carries her light with her wherever she goes, and is a light shining in the darkness. She seeks out the dark so that she can let her light shine, as we should do.

Beatrice the blind cave fish can’t see to read her Bible, but she has hidden God’s word in her heart, and enjoys quoting scripture at every opportunity. Her favorite game of all time is BBQ, or Beatrice’s Bible Quiz.

For your convenience crafts and snack suggestions are included, as well as Bible stories rewritten specifically for preschoolers, and color pages that can be copied. That’s not all. You will also find 2 (two), count ‘em, 2 (two) 12-week Sunday School curriculums titled More Bible Stories, and God’s Special Plan. Where else can you get all you need for the entire year in one super package? Bailey’s Cave Adventures has it all!