Monday, June 22, 2009


Radar is one of the main characters in my book, "Bailey's Cave Adventures." He is a black lab seeing-eye dog for Bailey, the brown bat w/o sonar.
We actually had a black lab named Radar some years ago. He was a great dog! When my boys were little we were looking for a lab and went to an Animal Shelter. He was a full-grown dog stuffed into a cage so small he couldn't stand up all the way. We took him for a walk and found that he was obedience trained already.
We got home right at lunch time. I was trying to get the boys to sit down and quit running around the house. Every time I put out my hand to quiet the boys, the dog would sit down. Poor guy was up and down, up and down over and over again until I finally realized what he was doing. He was obeying my hand signals! He seemed to know what I wanted him to do w/o me having to say a word, he just sort of read my mind. So, we named him Radar, like the character in the TV show "Mash".
I have more Radar stories to tell. Will continue another time. Still love ya' Radar!