Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bailey's Cave Adventures

Bailey’s Cave Adventures, and Bailey’s Adventures Beyond the Cave consist of a two-part series of adventures experienced by the main character, a brown bat named Bailey. Born without sonar, Bailey is accompanied wherever he goes by his loyal companion, a black lab named Radar, his seeing-eye dog. During their first adventure in Bailey’s Cave Adventures, Bailey and Radar travel from the cave’s entrance, through the twilight zone, into the deep zone. On their way they encounter slippery situations due to the dangerous terrain; also, various colorful characters who teach the readers life lessons of trusting the Lord, praying first before any decision, and being a good witness for Christ. These characters include; Greta glowworm, Millie the millipede, and Beatrice the blind cave fish.
In Bailey’s Adventures Beyond the Cave, Bailey has decided that all his accomplishments were achieved through his own efforts, and he finds himself in the desert wasteland after backsliding. He can no longer hear Radar’s voice, who represents the Holy Spirit. Being lost in the desert is a time of testing for Bailey, with dangers lurking in every turn, including in the skies! These magnetic characters include; a black-footed ferret named Zorro, a ringtail cat named Bell, a wild burro named Cody, a cactus wren named Hannah, and a desert hawk named Hernando.

I believe parents and teachers remain hungry for a new approach to feeding the lost children of their communities. Bailey’s Cave Adventures is the spiritual formula they have been seeking. Also, this book provides home school with an exciting, fresh outlet with which to teach children about faith, hope, and trust in the Lord.
Some families may be intimidated by church and even refuse to bring their children; but, show them a room decorated to expand the mind, such as the inside of a cave…they just may consider taking their children to such a place!
With the help of a little brown bat accompanied by a seeing-eye dog, and other curious characters, these lost children can play, smile, and laugh their way into the kingdom of God. No other curricula can compare with the vibrancy and boldness of this project.