Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bailey's Adventures BEYOND The Cave

Bailey's Adventures Beyond the Cave is a sequel to Bailey's Cave Adventures. I have not yet acquired a publisher, but I am hopeful. Here is just a taste of what to expect...

This homeschool, Sunday School, or VBS curriculum brings the children to a level of Bible study that is one notch higher than most. Can children grasp the idea of backsliding and being tested in their faith? Are they able to dig deeper into the Word of God? Of course they can! The question is, are we as teachers willing to take the time to instruct them in a way that they can understand.
Bailey and his new desert friends can help you do just that. Each character has a special lesson taught in a very child-friendly manner. This new adventure will make them thirsty for God’s Word, and excited about the journey.

Bailey has decided that all his accomplishments were achieved through his own efforts, and he ends up in the desert wasteland after backsliding. He can no longer hear Radar’s voice. Radar is his black lab, seeing-eye dog, who represents the Holy Spirit. His time in the desert is a time of testing for Bailey, with dangers lurking in every turn, including in the skies! Will he come out on the other side safely, and back where he belongs in his walk with God?

Scene 1

We pick up where “Bailey’s Cave Adventures” left off. As you recall, Bailey is a brown bat born without sonar. He depends on Radar, his seeing-eye dog, to guide him. Radar represents the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We have just finished Beatrice’s Bible Quiz, and all thoroughly enjoyed it. Beatrice is a blind cave fish Bailey met on his first adventure through his home cave. Everyone is tired, but excited after their adventure. As they are slowly making their way back to the entrance of the cave Bailey and Radar are greeted by some of Bailey’s friends.

Friend 1: Hey Bailey, you did it. I can’t believe it, you made it all the way! It’s all over the cave, everyone knows what you did.

Friend 2: What was it like Bailey, scary? M-must have been r-really scary. His friend stutters when he gets excited.

Bailey: It was great! I have to say, though, I couldn’t have done it without Radar’s help.

Radar: You follow the leading of the Spirit and you can’t go wrong.

Friend 1: Oh come on Bailey, what are you talking about. You did this all on your own. Whose idea was it anyway? Would Radar have come up with a plan like this? No, I don’t think so. He plays it too safe all the time. Truth is, you’re the real adventurer here, admit it!

Bailey: Well, I did come up with the plan all by myself…

Radar: Careful Bailey, you’re heading down the wrong road here.

Friend 1: Come on Bailey, why don’t you come with us. We can show you an even bigger adventure, out there, out in the world.

Friend 2: There’s a whole lot you haven’t seen Bailey, outside the c-cave. All those big, open spaces to fly in, it’s g-great!

Bailey: I will need help flying, remember?

Friend 1: Oh, we’ll be there for ya’ buddy. Come on, let’s go. It’s almost dark. Time for us to start our day.

Bailey: Well, what can it hurt anyway. Wait for me guys, remember to stay close. Bailey turns his back on Radar and flies after his friends.

Radar: I see you’ve made up your mind Bailey. You have to follow your own heart now. Radar lies down, and grieves Bailey’s decision to leave him.

Bailey: Wow, I’ve never seen so many bats together at once, there must be hundreds! If I started to fall there are plenty friends to get me back up and on track. What was I worried about anyway?

Friend 1: See, I told you. Look Bailey, if you tilt your wings this way you can really cut corners and get to where you’re going much quicker. He tilts to the right and makes a sharp right turn with amazing speed.

Bailey: Bailey tries the tilt, but his right turn is not quite as sharp and he runs into some other bats, but is able to stay in flight. Sorry, first time flyer. He grins. Hey guys, where are we headed anyway? How long will it take?

Friend 2: Not much further. We’re headed for a big orchard where there are loads of bugs and other good stuff to eat. Want to see j-just how fast you can really fly? We’re just kind of coasting along here right now, but let’s turn on the t-turbo engines and let ‘er rip! Friend 2 gets a burst of speed and quickly flies to the front lines, forgetting to look out for Bailey.

Friend 1: Oh, I can do better than that. Try to keep up Bailey, here we go! Off he goes with lightning speed and agility, also forgetting about Bailey’s whereabouts.

Bailey: Hey you guys, wait up! Bailey’s friends are long gone. Instead of flying faster, Bailey starts slowing down, trying to get his bearings. He finds himself losing altitude. Soon he is at tree level. Oh no, if I don’t get up higher I could run into something. I don’t see any bats anymore…where did they all go so fast? I have to try to ……Bam! Bailey hits a tree branch head first and falls to the ground. He is even knocked out for a few seconds. When he wakes up he finds himself tumbling and sliding backwards down a very long pipe.

Narrator: This is not exactly the kind of adventure he was hoping for. Where will he end up, and how will he ever find his way back home now!