Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marketing, Tate Publishing

Per my Marketing Rep at Tate Publishing:
I just set a date for you with the Chick Fil-A in your town. Monday, January 18 from 6-8, you will be the featured guest at family night. The Marketing Director there is ___, and her number is ___. She is absolutely thrilled to have you and thinks this will be a wonderful event for both of us.

She has contacts with the local paper there and will be able to get a free advertisement for this event. She’d like for you to call her so you can get together and talk about how to set this up, what to tell the paper, etc.

I am so excited, I can’t stand it!

I might have told you some of this in an email before, but I pitched this to her with a different angle than we’ve used in the past. I read the introduction and first 2 chapters of the e-book looking for an angle, and I was really impressed that this is much more than a Sunday school or VBS curriculum. I might have mentioned the homeschool angle to you on the phone, but even that isn’t broad enough. As a father of 5 kids ages 4 to 14, I saw this book as an excellent way for parents to teach the Bible in their homes whether they homeschool or not. The hands-on activities are perfect for the home because the materials involved are easy to get, and most families have them in the house already. The older kids can help set up the activities for the younger kids, which keeps everyone engaged. I wish I had had this book when my older kids were younger because I would love to have seen them go through the stories themselves and then again when they’re older while helping the younger kids. Maybe my younger kids can help my grandkids in 10 or 15 years!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about this hook because it gives your book an appeal to any Christian adult who wants their kids to learn the Bible. The fact that it can also be used for homeschool, VBS or Sunday school is just a bonus!