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Bailey Teaser



By Nina Meier

A brown bat named Bailey without sonar, who has a seeing-eye dog named Radar, impossible you say? In that case you’ll have to join new author Nina Meier on this journey in Bailey’s Cave Adventures. Your church’s Vacation Bible School will never be the same. With a cliff hanger at the end of each day’s chapter this curriculum promises to leave the children excited to come explore again and again.

As Bailey and Radar travel from the entrance zone of the cave, further into the twilight zone, and finally into the darkest depths of the deep zone they encounter many characters along the way from whom the children will learn life lessons.

Millie the millipede is always on the go, but never prays first to ask God if she is going in the right direction and because of this has missed many great opportunities.

Greta glow worm carries her light with her wherever she goes, and is a light shining in the darkness. She seeks out the dark so that she can let her light shine, as we should do.

Beatrice the blind cave fish can’t see to read her Bible, but she has hidden God’s word in her heart, and enjoys quoting scripture at every opportunity. Her favorite game of all time is BBQ, or Beatrice’s Bible Quiz.

For your convenience crafts and snack suggestions are included, as well as Bible stories rewritten specifically for preschoolers, and color pages that can be copied. That’s not all. You will also find 2 (two), count ‘em, 2 (two) 12-week Sunday School curriculums titled More Bible Stories, and God’s Special Plan. Where else can you get all you need for the entire year in one super package? Bailey’s Cave Adventures has it all!

Scene One


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Bailey’s Cave Adventures
Video/Puppet Show

Scene 1 – Day 1: Bailey comes flying and crashing into the room. When dust settles, you can see him more clearly.

Bailey: Hi boys and girls, my name is Bailey, and I’m a brown bat. Bet you never saw a bat who was always flying into things! That’s because most bats have sonar. Let me explain what that word means. Bats can “see” with sound better than light. They send out a sound so high-pitched that human ears can’t hear it! The sound bounces off whatever is in front of them, and comes back to their ears. This happens really fast. That’s how they find food, and keep from flying into things.

Well, something went wrong when I was born, and my sonar has never worked! Anyway, it’s okay because my Mom and Dad gave me a seeing-eye dog, you know, the kind blind people use, and he helps me get around, and keeps me from falling…when he’s with me. Sometimes I try to go off on my own and, well, you can imagine. He’s my best friend! Would you like to meet my dog? (Yes!) OK. Here Radar, where are you boy?

Out from under a curtain Bailey knocked down comes a large black Lab wearing a harness w/handle.

Radar: I see you’re doing okay, no lumps or bumps? Well, climb on up and grab hold of my harness. I have a few things to tell these boys and girls here.

Bailey climbs up on Radar’s head, to the harness, hangs onto the handle upside down with a sigh of relief, and falls asleep.

Radar turns to audience…
My job is to keep Bailey on the right path, and warn him of danger. Sometimes he listens, other times he goes off on his own without even seeing where he’s going. He has to learn to trust me completely. That’s like what the Holy Spirit does for you. Proverbs 3:5-6 says…Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Bailey wakes up.

Bailey: Radar, I almost forgot. While I was out flying (and crashing Radar whispers to us), I heard some kids talking about going spelunking, that’s cave exploring…and someone who does that is called a spelunker. Anyway, I was thinking I’d make a great spelunker, and I’ve never been very far into the cave, I could go all the way down to the dark zone! It would be a real adventure! (Getting excited).

Radar: Now hold on Bailey, that sounds pretty dangerous to me. I’d feel a lot better if you let me go with you.

Bailey: Sure, okay, that’d be fun, who’s going to carry the flashlight? (Turns to audience). Could you help us with flashlights boys and girls? (Yes!) Great! Let’s get ready to go then!

Product Details

Price: 11.99
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 68 pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing (August 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1604628766
ISBN-13: 978-1604628760

Moldova Orphanage

Cupcini (coop-cheenie) Orphanage, 4 hours from Chisinau (Kishinow)- Almost to Ukraine
Iulia in red scarf and pink hat in the middle.

This is the orphanage, looks like a barracks. No grass, or trees, and no heat inside. Children wear their coats and hats inside, even to bed to keep warm. They are totally dependent upon donations from missionaries. Little Samaritan Mission in Chisinau is a big part of the help they receive.

This was the year Little Samaritan Mission asked for winter coats and accessories for the children that are so badly needed. They were so excited to get a new coat, and to hear about God's love for them!

Here is Iulia in her new coat. It was such a blessing to be able to give it to her myself...I had gotten her picture as the child assigned to me. It was so hard to leave her in that awful place. I still pray the Lord will provide a good family for her and all the children.

Christmas dinner being served! The children very rarely get any meat to eat, or fresh fruit. They were given chicken, potatoes, vegetable soup, chocolate and ....the most miraculous of ORANGE. Can you imagine a child in the U.S. thanking God for an orange?

Let's get a group picture. A hard-working house mother is in the middle wearing the typical fur hat for warmth.

Pretty impressive should have seen their smiling faces when they realized this was all for them!

Children waiting to receive their new coats from their friends in the U.S. and through the help of Little Samaritan Mission. Ask anyone in Moldova if they know Florin, the founder, and they all know him. Pictured in striped sweater is Pastor Charles from North Carolina.